Expired E6 – Fujichrome Provia 400X

I’m not ordinarily a fan of using out-of-date materials by default but have accumulated various odds-and-ends of old stock over time, and results can often be better than expected. The images here are from Fujichrome Provia 400x (‘120’ roll film, 6×7 format), stored in the fridge, but with a 2012 expiration date. Jobo rotary processed in Kodak E6 chemistry of a similar vintage. The colours of the Fuji product are still fine, but it does seem to have lost some shadow detail. I used an ‘Exposure Index’ of 400 and  spot metered, as I still have some stock left, slightly more exposure in future with this film may be appropriate.

My scanning workflow is generally to use VueScan, before editing in PhotoLine – with the ColorPerfect plug-in for colour correction from the raw tiff scan files, negative and transparency film.