Some more trees

Found this old negative. Good contrast with the trees. Lighting conditions in these situations make a big difference in terms of how much detail can be seen.

trees, Plus-X, D-72
2010. Kodak Plus-X (35mm) & D-76 1+1


XP2 Super is not a film I’ve used a huge amount of over the years, but the negatives are certainly easy to scan, they work with Digital ICE. No grain due to being a C-41 film, but a bit noisy in the shadows at a higher exposure index so suggest 200 to 400 for optimal results. The negatives also print well in the darkroom.

photo of swans in Norfolk.
ILFORD XP2 SUPER & Kodak Flexicolor C-41 process – October 2014

Old negatives, new scans

I’ve recently started going through the negative pages of some my early attempts in photography; this one is from September 2003. I remember spending the summer reading everything I could about darkroom / film photography, which at the time was probably still the mainstream option. Pleased I managed the exposure and composition okay. Oh, and I’m glad I didn’t have to try and access a 14 1/2 year old digital file. Film is a good archival medium.

vertical photo of boat on Norfolk coast

Some more Kodachrome slides from 2010

Here are a few more photos from autumn 2010.

Kodachrome in the snow

I’ve just downloaded ‘Justified Image Grid’, and will put a few Kodachrome slides from a trip to Switzerland in 2010 in this post as a first experiment. ┬áMany image gallery options don’t allow variable thumbnail size which is a big detraction as far as I’m concerned. As you can see the cropping is variable; I had originally thought to present the photos full-frame (showing the slide edge) but decided to crop some to suite the composition.

The originally slides and to an extent scans show a richness of colour that doesn’t fully translate to jpeg but hopefully these are an acceptable internet approximation.

Shadow tonalities

Walking along the beach I came across this pattern of light and intermingling of dead weathered wood. April 2017.

photo of wood on beach
Suffolk, UK. Kodak T-Max 100 & XTOL 1+1.

Patterns on beaches

I enjoy the patterns that can be found within the natural environment that almost look arranged but just happen to be there already, like this one from summer.

photo of items on beach
Suffolk, UK. Kodak T-Max 100 (35mm) & Tetenal Ultrafin Plus 1+9

Old trees on the beach

Rather pleased with this. Will probably go back and re-photograph with a tripod and larger format at some point. This brings up a point actually as I find the quicker operation of the small format can mean capturing something that may be easier to lose sight of with a more cumbersome set-up.

Old tree stump on the beach
April 2017. Old tree stump on the beach. Suffolk, UK. Kodak T-Max 100 (35mm) & XTOL 1+1