Scanning film and posting jpegs

Well, I’ve managed to get some images up into galleries here using ‘Justified Image Grid’ and ‘WP Real Media Library’. The “old way” of web design / development doesn’t seem to apply to this new WordPress era, and I’ve had to learn that going for these plug-ins is probably a better option in most circumstances than an inexpert attempt by myself at re-inventing the wheel.  Changing my understanding from writing flat pages in a text editor to this rather more dynamic terrain has been more challenging than I had anticipated.

On film scanning, through reviewing hundreds of scans made with my long discontinued Nikon Coolscan 9000, I became aware of some banding issues in certain scenes, particularly those with smooth textures; this seems to be related to a software option to use all 3 CCD rows at the same time and I believe it is possible to use a ‘fine’ mode that scans in a single line. Additionally as far as I’m aware this banding may also be an artefact of working at the full 4000 DPI resolution. – 450 megabyte files from a 6×6 colour negative.  Scanning is a surprisingly  rich subject and one that can be extremely time consuming to make progress with. Hopefully further experimentation should give me smooth and sharp results. My process for negative films is a raw tif out of VueScan, processed in ColorPerfect via PhotoLine. I’m Adobe free at the moment.

Onwards and upwards,