A new blog

I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the last few months considering whether and / or what to put back online here at my domain name, which has hosted some of my photography in the past. Earlier this year I started a food blog which was mostly centred on low carb baking but as I only do this now on rare occasions, any rationale behind the endeavour rapidly diminished; I may at some point start a more general food blog. However for this first post, and to end a certain tendency on my part for procrastination I’ll put up a photo from earlier this year, as I’ve tentatively returned to photography after a break in 2016. The process of trying to go through my archives and select a ‘best of’ is rather intimidating, especially with all the various WordPress gallery options.

Picture of flint on Suffolk coast
Flint on Suffolk Coast, Kodak T-max 100 film (35mm) & XTOL 1+1

I do realise this first post goes against some of the advice to make a blog highly focussed on one topic, but this doesn’t really reflect my way of thinking and so begins an experiment, if that doesn’t sound too presumptuous…

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