Welcome to this website showing some of my photography. I use a variety of formats up to 10″x8″ sheet film, with most of the images here being scans from medium format negatives.

I’m slightly reluctant to refer to screen based images as ‘photographs’ as compared to photographic prints, inkjets, alt process etc. or a projected slide… However, operating within the scope of this online medium, thematically I’m interested in an approach to photography that is firstly concerned with a ‘way of looking’ or sense of place more than reproduction of a “perfect” view, and secondly I sometimes find a focus on partial or total abstraction compelling in terms of composition and the specifics of form.

In the darkroom I make silver gelatin prints from black & white negatives using a fairly wide range of manufacturers’ products. While I can generally print up to 24″x20″ fibre base – allowing for convenient washing and my sink size, I prefer to print to a size that suits the image, use of print, and quality of negative.

A Jobo machine handles most of my film processing, including C-41 and E6.


Updated: November 2020