Bergh Apton Sculpture Trail 2011

A few images from the Bergh Apton Sculpture Trail 2011, which I believe was the last exhibition. Kodak Portra film / 6x7cm negatives.

Some more trees

Found this old negative. Good contrast with the trees. Lighting conditions in these situations make a big difference in terms of how much detail can be seen.

trees, Plus-X, D-72
2010. Kodak Plus-X (35mm) & D-76 1+1


XP2 Super is not a film I’ve used a huge amount of over the years, but the negatives are certainly easy to scan, they work with Digital ICE. No grain due to being a C-41 film, but a bit noisy in the shadows at a higher exposure index so suggest 200 to 400 for optimal results. The negatives also print well in the darkroom.

photo of swans in Norfolk.
ILFORD XP2 SUPER & Kodak Flexicolor C-41 process – October 2014

Old negatives, new scans

I’ve recently started going through the negative pages of some my early attempts in photography; this one is from September 2003. I remember spending the summer reading everything I could about darkroom / film photography, which at the time was probably still the mainstream option. Pleased I managed the exposure and composition okay. Oh, and I’m glad I didn’t have to try and access a 14 1/2 year old digital file. Film is a good archival medium.

vertical photo of boat on Norfolk coast

Some more Kodachrome slides from 2010

Here are a few more photos from autumn 2010.

Kodachrome in the snow

I’ve just downloaded ‘Justified Image Grid’, and will put a few Kodachrome slides from a trip to Switzerland in 2010 in this post as a first experiment. ┬áMany image gallery options don’t allow variable thumbnail size which is a big detraction as far as I’m concerned. As you can see the cropping is variable; I had originally thought to present the photos full-frame (showing the slide edge) but decided to crop some to suite the composition.

The originally slides and to an extent scans show a richness of colour that doesn’t fully translate to jpeg but hopefully these are an acceptable internet approximation.

Shadow tonalities

Walking along the beach I came across this pattern of light and intermingling of dead weathered wood. April 2017.

photo of wood on beach
Suffolk, UK. Kodak T-Max 100 & XTOL 1+1.